• Dear Mr. Ramsey (his mentor), thank you for helping me figure out how to get the sound I wanted out of my music! Today has been a day I will never forget for the rest of my life.

    - 12th grade student at Opus 33
  • Thank you for this opportunity to come and hear my piece played by real people. For me, this is a big deal. It may be the only chance I have to do this kind of thing. Composing makes me feel free to express my feelings that I may be too shy to express in other ways. Thank you for making this possible!

    - 8th grade student at Opus 33
  • Well now that I'm a composer, I do a lot more with music. I enjoy music now. I actually play French horn now in band because I enjoy composing so much and I play piano. Yeah - I like to compose and I like music. Last year when I started composing it kind of opened up, like, this new world of music to me.


    - 5th grade student at Opus 32
  • Thank you especially for offering Music-COMP. As you've probably noticed over the last 6 years, music has not really been his thing.  Music-COMP however brought a whole new perspective to music for him that he really enjoyed. Although he's not into singing or playing instruments, he loved the creative aspect of actually creating a composition from scratch. I'm glad he was finally able to discover a way to embrace music. So thank you for that opportunity!

    - Mother of a 6th grade student after experiencing Opus 33


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