Opus 38

Our 38th Opus concert will begin at 6:30pm on Tuesday, April 30th, 2024 at Elley Long Music Center in Colchester, VT! 
Over 90 young composers were paired with professional composers as they created an original piece of music. 25 of these pieces will be premiered by the musicians of TURNmusic to hundreds of  friends, family and community members.  

Opus 38 Selected Composers
Adalie McCann - Orchard Valley Waldorf School 
Alden Kalbfleisch - BFA Fairfax
Alex Maroney - independent (South Burlington High School) 
Ari Weigand - Crossett Brook Middle School
Arlo Smith & Bruce Creason - Champlain Elementary School 
Audrey Conyers - Crossett Brook Middle School 
Caleb Scherer - independent (Newport City Elementary School)
Callum Robechek - Montpelier High School 
Dylan Mauro - Harwood Union HS
Eleanor Freebern - Mt. Mansfield Union HS 
Ethan Spritzer - Middlebury Union HS
Finn Cray-Budington - independent (Shelburne Community School) 
Grayson Eley - Crossett Brook Middle School 
Harrison Brown - independent (Stowe High School) 
Jamie Maddox-White - Montpelier High School 
Jasper LaRocca - Crossett Brook Middle School
Julia Wulff - Harwood Union HS
Leela McCann - U32 MHS
Louis Napolitan - Burlington High School 
Lucas Flinner - Middlebury Union HS
René Simakaski - homeschool
Robin Weigand - Crossett Brook Middle School 
Rowan Landis-Marinello - U32 MHS
Russell DesJardins - The Riverside School 
Tenzo Landis-Marinello - Rumney Memorial School

Opus 38 Composers (Electronic Works)
Arlo Smith & Bruce Creason - Champlain Elementary School
Callan McDowell - Middlebury UHS
Elliot Blackman - Champlain Elementary
Finn McGee - Edmunds Elementary
Gabe Stanton-Geddes & Leon Summers - Champlain Elementary School
Kiri Heath & Ona thompson - Champlain Elementary School
Kirin Biancosino - Middlebury UHS
Leland Dutcher - Champlain Elementary
Sam Kafferlin - independent (CVU)


Finalized scores due: Monday, 4/15
Dinner reservations/ RSVP due: Friday, 4/26
Opus 38 rehearsals and concert: Tuesday, 4/30 at Elley Long in Colchester, VT
Detailed Schedule: TBD

Workshops Include:

Action Packed Electronic Music w/ Katie Semro (grades 7-12) @ 2:15pm
Electronic music is more than sitting at a computer! Come along to this hands-on workshop to control sound with a wave of your hand, play a song with bees, and groove to AI generated jazz. We’ll check out these fun ways of creating live performances with electronic music and peek under the hood to see what’s happening in the box in the background. 

MIDI Me! w/ Katie Semro (grades 3-6) @ 3pm
Come learn about MIDI — the secret weapon of electronic music that lets you combine any tune with any sound! In this hands-on workshop we will co-create music using a MIDI Keyboard loaded with fun and funky sounds. Then we will use the magic of MIDI to hear our piece played by an orchestra, sung by dolphins, and more! 

Writing for Voice w/ James Stewart & Callum Robechek (all grades) @ 4pm
James Stewart (VT Public) is joined by Montpelier HS senior, Callum Robechek, to discuss approaches to writing for voice. Together, they will share their experiences in writing and arranging choral works as we prepare for next year's Opus 39 instrumentation, which includes SATB voices. 

Preparing for Opus 39 w/ Stefanie Weigand @ 4:45pm 
A brief breakdown of next year's instrumentation and a great time for students and teachers to ask questions about the process. 



We are excited to be working with TURNmusic as this year’s performing ensemble, under the direction of Anne Decker. 
Learn more at:  turnmusic.org  

Questions? Contact Stefanie Weigand at: stefanie@music-comp.org


For just a few dollars per month, you can help ensure students will be writing music with Music-COMP for years to come. With your support, students throughout Vermont will continue to see their music come to life!