Opus 38

Submissions are now CLOSED for our 38th Opus event since we began in the year 2000! 

We are excited to announce TURNmusic as this year’s performing ensemble, under the direction of Anne Decker. 
Learn more at:  turnmusic.org 

Our 38th Opus concert will be held on Tuesday, April 30th, 2024 at Elley Long Music Center in Colchester, VT! 
Young composers are paired with  professional composers as they create an original piece of music, which is then premiered by the best musicians in Vermont to hundreds of  friends, family and community members.  
This can be a truly life changing experience for young people, and each Opus concert reminds us of the creativity held by the next generation of  musicians. It's an amazing opportunity that you don't want your children or students to miss!  

• Students in grades 3-12 may participate
• 1-to-1 connection with a professional composer for feedback and  guidance
• Selected pieces will be performed by professional musicians from Vermont’s contemporary classical ensemble, TURNMusic. 
• The concert will be recorded and a documentary with student interviews, rehearsals, and concert footage will be produced
• Selected works will be broadcast on Vermont Public Radio! 

Instrumentation (any combination) 
Strings (2 violins, viola, cello, bass) 
Winds (flute, oboe, clarinet/bass clarinet, bassoon) 

Submission Details: 

  • No prior composition experience necessary! Each and every student in grades 3-12 who submits for Opus will be paired with a professional composer as their mentor while they create a new work.  
  • Works can be written for any combination of the available instrumentation. 
  • All works for Opus 38 must be submitted for online mentoring and  undergo at least two revisions throughout the writing process.  
  • First drafts/ideas may be as short as 4 measures! Much of the work will  happen over the course of a few months as the young composers work with their mentor. 
  • Our team of mentors will select ~25 works to be premiered at the live Opus 38 concert with professional musicians 
  • Selected electronic works submitted to our mentors will be played during our Opus event and featured online the following month.
  • First Posting: Rolling Submission from December until the last day of January. Final postings will be due on March 29th.  
  • Opus 38 Concert: April 30th. Elley Long Music Center in Colchester, VT   
    Workshops and open rehearsals accessible throughout the day.
    Free concert open to the public @ 6:30pm. 

    If you are new to Music-COMP and Opus, and want to know more, please feel free to reach out directly with questions any time. Accessibility is a key component of this and all Music-COMP events.  

Questions? Contact Stefanie Weigand at: stefanie@music-comp.org


For just a few dollars per month, you can help ensure students will be writing music with Music-COMP for years to come. With your support, students throughout Vermont will continue to see their music come to life!