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Over the years, Music-COMP has developed resources for teachers to use in their classrooms as they work with their students to teach composition. All of these worksheets and handouts are carefully designed by our mentors, who are all professional composers, to help give you and your students a leg up as you begin creating original music. Most of the worksheets are designed in such a way that they can be applicable to all age groups.

Music-COMP is pleased to offer these resources for free, but if they are useful for you please do consider a donation to support the development of future resouces. 

Teacher and Student Composition Guides, Worksheets and More


Welcome to the Art of Counterpoint!
A FREE course offered by Music-COMP mentor Travis Ramsey

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing as well as you can during the pandemic.  I'm offering a FREE online course in Counterpoint through Music-COMP, open to all participants.  This includes student composers and brave/interested adults!  The course is generally recommended for students in grades 4 and up.  It is helpful if participants can read notes on the treble clef.  Knowing the bass clef could be helpful down the road.  You don't need to know anything else!  Here is are some videos to get you started!  You may email me at tramseycomposer(at) to enroll.  (All course material is free to everyone on this site.  Enrolled participants can expect feedback on their work and can ask questions along the way.  It's free, but limited so sign up soon!)

Enter The Art of Counterpoint


For just a few dollars per month, you can help ensure students will be writing music with Music-COMP for years to come. With your support, students throughout Vermont will continue to see their music come to life!