Student Registration

Student Registration

Welcome to the Music-COMP online mentoring site. Registration is required for all students to participate in mentoring with a professional composer. To register, please complete the following steps.


1. Complete the Mentoring Permission Form 

The Permission for Mentoring form must be completed and submitted before Music-COMP administrators will allow access to the mentoring site. Any student who is already 18 years of age may sign their own form, but it still must be submitted before entry. Returning students must complete a new form each school year.
Once completed, please email the permission form to  


2. Payment
Fees must be paid before posting a piece to the site. Some schools pay the mentoring fees, others ask parents to pay or contribute a portion to the fee. To pay for independent students or school students via credit card, please use the link below. If you are a teacher and using a PO or school account to purchase mentoring for your students, please email the information to
If this fee poses a barrier to your participation, please email Stefanie and we will provide scholarships monies for you/ your family/ your school. Want to cover another student's fee? Just add what you can and indicate "additional scholarships" upon checkout. Your donation is greatly appreciated! 

Online Mentoring Payment


3. Register on the Music-COMP mentoring site

Within this password-protected website, Music-COMP matches each student with one or more composer mentors for feedback on the student’s developing work. The most effective mentoring occurs when students communicate with their mentor on a regular basis. All comments are preserved within the discussion thread and e-mail notification occurs to the student, their mentor, and any teacher observers when any new comment is posted to that work. All accounts will be approved by a Music-COMP site administrator, so accounts will not be able to used immediately upon registration. Thanks for your patience!

Register for Mentoring Program


4. Post a new work to receive mentoring

Once you are registered on our website, you can add the first posting of a new piece of music. This can be as short as a few measures and an idea! The majority of the composing and creative process will happen as you work directly with your mentor. Pieces can be added using Noteflight, Musescore, Sibelius, MP3 audio files, or any other program or file type. 

Contact Executive Director Stefanie Weigand for questions:

Add a new work for mentoring


Looking to get started with Noteflight? 

The video below gives a brief overview of how to register for a free noteflight account. This is the preferred way to share your music with our mentors.

This video shows how to set up a free Noteflight account and gives an overview of how to start composing in Noteflight


This video shows how to share your score with your mentor


For just a few dollars per month, you can help ensure students will be writing music with Music-COMP for years to come. With your support, students throughout Vermont will continue to see their music come to life!