2018-19 Performances

Drew Frankenberg, Anna Halladay and Senior Mentor Erik Nielsen with the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra and Green Mountain Film Festival

Friday March 22nd at Essex Cinemas and Saturday March 23rd at Vermont College of Fine Arts

Montpelier Chamber Orchestra, Music-COMP and Green Mountain Film Festival present brand-new orchestral compositions as live soundtracks to the movies The Metropolis, La Glu, and Prince Achmed Acts IV and V.

Drew Frankenberg is a 9th-grade student from West Rutland. He is writing a score to a portion of The Metropolis. Drew writes of himself: “My name is Drew Frankenberg. I am a freshman homeschool student who participates in the West Rutland music program. I started composing when I was in sixth grade. My first true composition was selected by the Music COMP to be performed live by professional musicians in the Opus 32. I play clarinet, piano, saxophone, guitar, ukulele and am learning flute. I am honored to be selected for this project, and am very thankful to all of my music teachers, especially to Erik Nielsen and Matt LaRocca for giving me this amazing opportunity. Other than music I enjoy soccer, skiing, rock climbing, biking, and karate.”

Anna Halladay is a high school senior from Burlington and she will be creating a score to La Glu. Anna Halladay writes of herself: “My name is Anna Halladay, and I am a senior at Burlington High School. I play cello in the Vermont Youth Orchestra, as well as bass guitar in my school's jazz band. During my free time, I enjoy swimming, softball, and hiking with my dog, Lucy. I have participated in the Music-COMP online mentoring program since 5th grade, and I'm excited to present my first film score!”


Katherina Mueller and the Vermont Philharmonic Orchestra

Sunday March 10th at the Barre Opera House

Lou Kosma and the Vermont Philharmonic will premiere a new work by Katharina Mueller, and junior at Hartford High School. Don't miss this fabulous concert!
A Fairytale Without Red is based on an original short story that parodies the classic Little Red Riding Hood, written in the perspective of the wolf. In the story, a wild wolf in foreign woods navigates a potentially fatal encounter with a huntsman, and an interaction of mutual curiosity with little red riding hood who has lost her way. The piece was  originally written as a fifteen minute work made of of many suites that each aligned with various scenes in the short story. The five minute composition performed tonight takes excerpts from the longer piece, and overviews the plot of the musical story. The composition style is greatly inspired by film music, especially works of Hans Zimmer and Ramin Djawadi.

Tickets and more information


Music-COMP and the Northern Third Piano Quartet

February 21, 2019 at VPR Stetson Studio One, 7PM  FREE

Music-COMP, in collaboration with VPR, will be presenting an evening of world premieres by Vermont’s young composers. Students from Erik Nielsen’s summer workshop have written short works for the Northern Third Piano Quartet, made up of Sofia Hirsch, John Dunlop, Alison Cerutti and Elizabeth Reid. The program will also include music by Erik Nielsen and Gabriel Fauré. The concert will be held in Vermont Public Radio’s Stetson Studio One, a beautiful, state of the art performance studio.

Andrew Kim: Avast

Jasmin Townsend-Ng: The Zen Gardens 

Jonah Sayler: Rainy Day

Chase Ehrlich: Blue Cheese

Jamie Maddox-White: La Saveur de l'Eau 

Noah Samuelson: Zephyr

Callum Robechek: O Castelo no Acantilado 

Diya Kulkarni: Follow the Road



Nancy McNichols and the Vermont Symphony Brass

In December, the VSO Brass will be performing a new work by Nancy McNichols called Snowfall. Nancy is a ninth grade student at Burlington High School. In addition, her mentor Travis Ramsey will also have a piece performed on this program - a beautiful setting of Nancy Tillman's beloved children's book "On the Night You Were Born." You can catch the concerts at locations throughout Vermont - for more information and tickets visit www.vso.org.

  • December 19th, Warren United Church in Warren, VT
  • December 21st, United Church of Newport in Newport, VT
  • December 22nd, The White Church in Grafton, VT
  • December 23rd, Manchester First Congregational Church in Manchester, VT


Ethan Duncan and the Vermont Symphony Orchestra

On January 23rd, senior Ethan Duncan will have a new piece premiered by the Vermont Symphony Orchestra at the David M. Wilson Memorial Farmer's Night Concert. Filippo Ciabatti will conduct the orchestra as they perform from the floor of the Vermont State House. For information visit www.vso.org or vermont.gov.  

  • January 23, Vermont State House Chambers in Montpelier, VT


For just a few dollars per month, you can help ensure students will be writing music with Music-COMP for years to come. With your support, students throughout Vermont will continue to see their music come to life!