Grades 9-12 2022/23


Composer Name
Josiah Quinn

A brass piece in the key of D. I'm unsure of the overall vision of the piece, but I like the triumphant character of the initial ideas of the character that I have.

Adiabatic Afternoon

Composer Name
Lorelei Austin

An adiabatic process is one that occurs without the transfer of heat to surrounding systems. When the temperature changes as a result of expansion (cooling) or compression (warming) of air as the air changes altitude in the atmosphere, this is adiabatic. Adiabatic weather is about the movement of the air as it shifts with breezes of different temperatures. I am calling this piece "Adiabatic Afternoon" because it is energetic and continuously shifting as the melody changes and weaves between instruments like the shifting weather of a summer afternoon. My goal is to convey the lovely time of being outside near the lake when you can see the weather coming from far away across the sparkling water before it comes, and how everything can spontaneity change as it is predictably unpredictable. Regardless, in the end just as weather is temporary, the piece comes back to the A theme introduced after the opening horn solo bit.


My goal for this piece was to learn more about each instrument and make parts that play to some of the strengths of each. I explored trading the melody between different instruments and ranges and also made the baseline more interesting than the original arpeggiated eighth notes by adding different rhythms. I wrote the piece on the piano and have had help arranging it for other instruments. I got to learn more about how to arrange and about composing in general. Much of the song riffs off of the chord progression of 1, 7, 6, 4, 5, 1. 



- Lorelei


My Dear

Composer Name
Alden Kalbfleisch

This is just the beginning ideas for my piece. I intend to add a drumset part. Lyrics and melody are incomplete, but I have a murky vision for what I want them to be.


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