live performance

Trumpet Tune

Daniel Wick

"This is a piece for two trumpets.  I used trumpets because trumpet songs make me think of a fanfare, and fanfares make me think of a welcoming song for when people are coming into church.   I started by testing out some notes and if they sounded good, I kept them. It had a slower tempo when I first wrote it, but I made it faster so it would sound more like a fanfare."

A Bright Day

Gracie Bangoura

"The reason why this piece is called “A bright day” is because it feels like you would be enjoying a nice bright day outside. I put a lot of fun and effort into this piece. This piece has trumpet, piano, tuba and drums.  The piece has three sections and one of them has a nice trumpet and tuba duet. I have been working with my mentor on this piece and i think it has improved a lot. I hope you like it!”

Brass Quintet in C Major

Anna Halladay

"This is a fast, energetic piece in 2/4 with a short introduction in C major and A minor, then it goes into a trumpet duet with the tuba in the background. There are sudden changes, like when it switches from this fast melody to the french horn solo, with the trombone adding harmony. For the last few measures, it goes back to a fast melody, this time with everyone playing. Right now, I don't have many ideas as to where to go next, and I'm open to any suggestions."


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