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Angel's Breath

Daelan Roosa

Angel's Breath is a choral piece that I wrote for Continua, a St. Johnsbury, Vermont - based Hospice Choir. This particular style of music presented me with a unique set of challenges. I wrote the melody and lyrics to this piece to be soothing and beautiful to someone in Hospice care, as well as being simple enough to the performer to allow for plenty of expression, while still trying to keep it intriguing to a larger audience. I hope you enjoy Angel's Breath; I really enjoyed writing it.”

The Four Seasons 2

Amelia Opsahl & Wells Mundell-Wood

"The Four Seasons in C Major is a trio for oboe, clarinet and bassoon. We were inspired to title this piece The Four Seasons because all the sections of our piece are so different, however they fit together nicely.  We like the sound of the melodies and harmonies as the instruments 'switch seasons' and thought the transitions sounded like the gradual change into the next season."

Petite Opus copy

Noah Saberhagen

 "This piece is an English Horn solo accompanied by a string quartet. It features two main themes that are developed throughout contrasting sections, which consist of countermelodies, modulations, and polyphonic textures. I'd like to thank Music-COMP for this opportunity."

Et Cetera

Brendan Magill

“This is a piece for two trumpets, a trombone, a tuba, and drums. This piece has funky rhythms and strange measures, but there is a calmer, 3/4 section in the middle. This piece is aimed for Opus 29. I wrote this piece in a different style than by previous pieces because I wanted to see if it would sound good. I feel that I succeeded in writing in this new style.”

Arab March

Ethan Duncan

Ethan describes his piece as: “A lively song meant to resemble a march through the deserts of the Middle East. The unique scales and rhythms were meant to sound foreign and different, but at the same time pleasant to the listener. The piece begins with a mystical trumpet solo, then suddenly, the other instruments will drop into the music to give the tune a more lively feel.”


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