Opus 34

March 26, 2019 at the Vermont College of Fine Arts


A Breeze in the Trees by Nancy McNichols, Grade 9 Burlington High School
A Dark Night by Tatiana Byam, Grade 8 Edmunds Middle School
an explosion of color by Theo Ellis Novotny, Grade 9 Burlington High School
Creating The Scene by Alex Wick, Grade 10 Burlington High School
Dancing the Thin Gray Line by Katharina Mueller, Grade 11 Hartford High School
Derecho byJamie Maddox-White, Grade 7 Main Street Middle School
Drive by Ethan Duncan, Grade 12 Champlain Valley Union HS
Fiddle Tunes by Miles Ellis Novotny, Grade 9 Burlington High School
Flying Bird by Ella Wilson, Grade 5 The Grammar School
Hard Times by Zane del Pozo, Grade 5 Champlain Elementary
Journey by Kyrsten Paroline, Grade 10 Randolph Union High School
Joyeux Musique by Penelope de Rosset, Grade 6 Edmunds Middle School
Lullaby for Melancholiness by Isabella Bledsoe, Grade 8 Colchester Middle School
Mono No Aware by Kai Williams, Grade 11 Vergennes Union HS
Morning Fog by Callum Robechek, Grade 7 Main Street Middle School
Mysterious Mission by Wanda Sullivan, Grade 9 Harwood Union High School
Mystery by Otis Starble Murphy, Grade 7 Independent Study
New Moon by Brynna Swift-Herzog, Grade 5 Integrated Arts Academy
Noturno in Mi Maggiore per Archi, Fiati e by Jaron Rochon, Grade 11 Mill River Union HS
Rag in the Phrydge by Drew Frankenberg, Grade 9 West Rutland School
Spicy Groove by Alex Beshay, Grade 12 Green Mountain Union HS
The Horse Races by Jonah Sayler, Grade 8 Tuttle Middle School
Twitter by Diya Kulkarni, Grade 7 Main Street Middle School
Winter Fun by Lisa Zhou-Hackett, Grade 5 Champlain Elementary


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