Opus 33



Mountains Grand by Katharina Mueller, Grade 10 Hartford High School
Knights of the Castle by Jonah Sayler Grade, Grade 7 Tuttle Middle School
Fall of the Apple Tree by Megan Goldsmith, Grade 5 Edmunds Elementary School
Stress by Isabella Bledsoe, Grade 7 Colchester Middle School
Galaxy by Sophia Ambroggio, Grade 5 Edmunds Middle School
Vacant Midnight Skids by Trudy Farrell, Grade 5 Champlain Elementary School
Throneroom by Connor Byam, Grade 5 Champlain Elementary School
Dancing on the Grass by Atara Metzger, Grade 5 Edmunds Elementary School
Zoe and Peach by Kiara Kirkland, Grade 3 Edmunds Elementary School
The Stars We See by Allison Cooper Ellis, Grade 8 The Grammar School
I Know It Will Be Quiet by Julia Loewer, Grade 12 Harwood Union High Schoo
Rain by Aiyana Baldasty, Grade 8 Colchester Middle School
Let Our Colors Shine by Jennifer Martel, Grade 8 Colchester Middle School
Friday Afternoon by Alex Wick, Grade 9 Burlington High School
Where But For Polyrhythms Would I Be? by Kristian Labrie, Grade 12 Colchester High School
El Caballo by Nancy McNichols, Grade 8 Edmunds Middle School
Another Day by Grace Carlomagno, Grade 11 Montpelier High School
Late Night Vibes by Davis Holt, Grade 12 Rice Memorial High School
A Touch of Golden Air by Erin Magill, Grade 12 Harwood Union High School
Recrudescence by Anthony Sheppard, Grade 12 Blue Mountain Union High School
Brass Fugue in C minor by Jaron Thomas Rochon, Grade 10 Mill River Union High School
Immortal Conquest by Drew Frankenberg, Grade 8 West Rutland Middle School
ZeeDot by Brendan Magill, Grade 11 Harwood Union HIgh School


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