Opus 32



Thunder and Lightning by Isabelle Greenewalt, Grade 5 The Grammar School
The Moonlight Ball by Brigham Cooper, Grade 5 Rutland Intermediate School
Saturdays in Norwich by Jackson Levengood, Grade 11 Brattleboro Union High School
Destiny by Hunter Masson, Grade 8 North Country Union JHS
Road Trip Blues by Isaac Dunkiel, Grade 5 Edmunds Elementary School
Stuck in the Corner of a Circle by Ellery Stahler, Grade 8 The Dorset School
European Village by Daniel Wick, Grade 5 Champlain Elementary School
Galaxy by Macie Steiner, Grade 5 Champlain Elementary School
Walzer von Ihrer Majestat by Noah Samuelson, Grade 6 Main Street Middle School
Rise by Cassandra Beste, Grade 5 Champlain Elementary School
Rain Dance by Nancy McNichols, Grade 7 Edmunds Middle School
Wanted Man's Jig by Rachel Schwartz, Grade 12 Harwood Union High School
Kingdom of Water by Jamie Maddox-White, Grade 5 Main Street Middle School
Penumbral by Jacob Dennison, Grade 12 Lake Region High School
Chaconne by Ethan Duncan, Grade 10 Independent Student/CVU
America, What Have You Done by Alex Wick, Grade 8 Edmunds Middle School
Springtime by Sophie Wood, Grade 12 Independent Student/Otter Valley
The Butterfly by Hyoin Rhee, Grade 12 George Mason High School, Falls Church VA
Pilgramage by Davis Holt, Grade 11 Independent/Rice High School
Traffic Lights by Grace Carlomagno, Grade 10 Montpelier High School
Verdant Voyage by Matthew Skelly, Grade 12 Harwood Union High School
Theater Politica by Emily McNichols, Grade 8 Edmunds Middle School
A Skip and a Twirl by Erin Magill, Grade 11 Harwood Union High School
Calliope by Anna Halladay, Grade 10 Burlington High School
Dune by Izzy Patterson, Grade 11 Essex High School
Five Worlds Theme by Drew Frankenberg, Grade 7 Independent/West Rutland


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