Opus 31

The audio recording of each student composition along with a description of the work in the student's own words are listed in program order below. Follow the links to listen and/or download these recordings. Please credit the student composer and Music-COMP if you share this work.

For a full concert DVD or Blu-ray disc, order here and pay with a credit card. If you prefer to pay by check, send $15 for a standard DVD or $20 for a Blu-ray disc which includes shipping to: Music-COMP, 30 Steeplebush Road, Essex Junction, VT 05452. One copy of the DVD will be mailed to each selected student when the DVD's are completed. UPDATE: I previewed a bit of the production yesterday. It's not going to be finished until late June most likely and will be mailed. This production is very exciting with lots of student rehearsal footage for a behind the scenes look. This is a treasure!

Thanks to Jeff Perrin, audio engineer for Opus 31 and all previous Opus events.

Turophobia by Calvin Wuthrich, Grade 8 Hinesburg Community School
Italian Riverside by Ethan Duncan, Grade 9 Independent Study
Journey to the Capitol by Zachery Roberstein, Grade 11 North Country UHS, Newport
Dance of the Wild by Alex Wick, Grade 7 Edmunds Middle School, Burlington
March of the Camel Traveler by Nancy McNichols, Grade 6 Edmunds Middle School, Burlington
Under Ice by Izzy Patterson, Grade 10 Essex High School
Mood Shift by Simon Podd, Grade 5 Glover Community School
Circus Waltz Macabre by Rachel Zimet, Grade 12 Montpelier High School
Lone Wolf by Ibby Hopkins, Grade 5 The Grammar School, Putney
Hockey Game by Miranda Eisenman, Grade 7 Maple Street School, Manchester
Dragon King by Tal Weitz, Grade 3 Homeschooled, Bondville
When a Witch Will Rise by Allison Cooper-Ellis, Grade 6 The Grammar School, Putney
Where Do We Go? by Anna Scoppettone, Grade 12 Montpelier High School
Miracles by Rachel Tousignant, Grade 11 Harwood High School, Duxbury
A Late Walk by Andrew Kim, Grade 7 Tuttle Middle School, S. Burlington
As Kingfishers Catch Fire by Anna Halladay, Grade 9 Burlington High School
Be Music, Night by Eliza Allen, Grade 12 George Mason HS, Falls Church
Tag by Tatiana Byam, Grade 5 Champlain Elementary, Burlington
Time Turner by Cecily Spence, Grade 5 Sustainability Academy, Burlington
Merriment by Erin Magill, Grade 10 Harwood UHS, Duxbury
Getting Closer by Cassandra Beste, Grade 4 Champlain Elementary, Burlington
Suspenseful Song by Daniel Wick, Grade 4 Champlain Elementary, Burlington
Third Take by Jonathan DeRoehn, Grade 12 North Country UHS, Newport
March to the End by Asom Hayman-Jones, Grade 8 Glover Community School
Metropolitan Banter by Jacob Dennison, Grade 11 Lark Region HS, Orleans
Adventures at the Arabian Carnival by Susie Francy, Grade 12 Leland and Gray HS, Townshend


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