Opus 30

The audio recording of each student composition along with a description of the work in the student's own words are listed in program order below. Follow the links below to listen and/or download these recordings. Please credit the student composer and Music-COMP if you share this work.

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Thanks to Jeff Perrin, audio engineer for Opus 30 and all previous Opus events.

Two Irish Dances by Rachel Schwartz
The Weather Outside by Gracie Bangoura
The Green Mountain Storm by Darius Parker
The Mystery of Winter by Zoe Robb
War is Comin' by Asom Hayman-Jones
A Vermont Autumn Day by Erik Heitsmith
Drifting Snow by Neika Haire
The Mimic by Victoria Barbieri
Happy Winter Day in Vermont by Kaleigh Goulet-McCarthy
In the Depths of Lake Champlain by Ella Mason
Autumn Pixies by Nadia Scoppettone
The Moment by Malayna Johnson
St. Albans, 1864 by Ethan Duncan
Battle for Vermont by Susie Francy
Frosty Tango by Colin Desch
The Frozen Lake by Eileen Kocherlakota
The Roamings of a Snowshoe Hare by Saigelyn Green
Inverno in Tre Movimentos by Anna Scoppettone
Vermont Variations by Patricia Bristow-Johnson
Vermont's Magic by Leslie Bixby
Woodwind Quartet in D Major by Anna Halladay
Couching Lion by Erin Magill
Vermont's Journey of the Four Seasons by Jonathan DeRoehn
Winter Walk by Jacob Dennison


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