Participating Schools

Music-COMP members includes public and private schools from Vermont, and across the country. New schools are welcome from any location. Music-COMP membership also includes several music education organizations who encourage their students to compose and engage in online mentoring of their work.


Albany Community School - Anna Kennedy, Albany VT

Barnet School - Sue Persson, Barnet VT

Bethel Schools - Shannon Bonsignore and Carrie Kohl, Bethel VT

Brattleboro Union HS - Steve Rice and Patty Meyer, Brattleboro VT

Brownington Central School - Anna Kennedy, Brownington VT

Burlington High School - Clayton Hamilton, Billy Ray Poli, and Molly Dubois, Burlington VT

Champlain Elementary School - Betsy Greene, Burlington VT

Colchester High School - Evan Peltier, Colchester VT

Colchester Central School - Bridgette Tozzi and Emily Desautels, Colchester VT

Edmunds Elemenatary School - Betsy Nolan, Burlington VT

Edmunds Middle School - Graham Lambert, Michael Hakim, Burlington VT

Essex High School - Heather Finlayson, Essex Junction VT

J.J. Flynn Elementary School - Emily Willette, Burlington VT

Franklin Central School - Jennifer McConnell, Franklin VT

George Mason High School - Mary West, Falls Church Virginia

Glover Community School - Anna Kennedy, Glover VT

Hartford High School - Danielle Connerty, White River Junction VT

Harwood Union School - Chris Rivers and Stefanie Weigand, Duxbury VT

Hazen Union School - Mason Mills,Hardwick VT

Hinesburg Community School - Cindy Fay, Hinesburg VT

Integrated Arts Academy - Bill Myregaard, Burlington VT

Lake Region UHS - Sara Doncaster, Orleans VT

Lamoille UHS- Jennifer Connelly and Nick Allen, Hyde Park VT

Main Street School - Hilary Goldblatt, Montpelier VT

Marian High School - Colleen Pingel, South Bend, IN

Montpelier High School - Hilary Goldblatt, Montpelier VT

Mount Mansfield UHS - Caleb Pillsbury, Jericho VT

North Country UHS - Bill Prue, Newport VT

Prosper Valley School - Christina Morton, Pomfret VT

Putney Central School - Dan Seiden, Putney VT

Randolph UHS - Ray Cole, Randolph VT

South Burlington HS - Karola Troidl, South Burlington VT

South Royalton School - Anita Duffy, South Royalton VT

Shelburne Community School - Tim Buckingham, Christina Kelsh, Amy Southworth, Dianna Burritt, Shelburne VT

Springfield High School - Jim Chlebak, Springfield VT

C. P. Smith Elementary School - Danielle Hurley, Burlington VT

The Grammar School - Alli Lubin, Putney VT

Tuttle Middle School - Karola Troidl and Gail Kilkelley, South Burlington VT

U-32 High School - Anne Decker, East Montpelier VT

Vergennes UHS - Sue O'Daniel, Vergennes VT


For just a few dollars per month, you can help ensure students will be writing music with Music-COMP for years to come. With your support, students throughout Vermont will continue to see their music come to life!