Opus 34 Information

March 26th at the Vermont College of Fine Arts

Rehearsals begin at 12:30PM, Free Concert at 6:30PM


Opus 34 Update:

It's been an amazing few months of composing and all of our young composers should be incredibly proud of what they have accomplished! We've seen pieces grow and evolve from just a few measures into complete works. It's very exciting to see so many new creations come to life in just a few short months. If your piece was not selected for performance at Opus 34 you can still plan on attending the concert on March 26th. It's a fun, music-filled afternoon and a lovely chance to support your friends. We hope to see you all there! Open rehearsals will begin at 12:30 and we have 3 wonderful workshops that are open to students, teacher and parents. 



Composing into college and beyond. 
A roundtable discussion for composers looking to take the next steps with their music. What to look for in college programs, tips for getting your music out in the world and more

All ages workshop with Evan Premo

A fun interactive workshop designed for composers of all ages. Evan will perform John Deak’s amazing solo bass piece BB Wolf (Big Bad Wolf). Then students will work to compose a piece for Evan to perform on his bass to the story of Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

Opus 35 for All Composers

Look ahead to next year with composing tips for Opus 35. We’ll go over the instruments available for next year, give writing tips specific for each instrument and talk about how we can find inspiration

5:15 Dinner 


Zane del Pozo Hard Times Champlain Elementary School

Ella Wilson Flying Bird The Grammar School

Lisa Zhou-Hackett Winter Fun Champlain Elementary School

Brynna Swift-Herzog New Moon Integrated Arts Academy

Penelope deRosset Joyeux Musique Edmunds Middle School

Jamie Maddox-White Derecho Main St. Middle School

Diya Kulkarni Twitter Main St. Middle School

Otis Starbel-Murphy Mystery Independent Study

Callum Robechek Morning Fog Main St. Middle School

Tatiana Byam A Dark Night Edmunds Middle School

Jonah Sayler The Horse Races Tuttle Middle School

Isabella Bledsoe Lullaby for Melancholiness Colchester Middle School

Drew Frankenberg Rag in the Phrydge Independent Study

Miles Ellis Novotny Seasons of Vermont Burlington High School

Nancy McNichols A Breeze in the Trees Burlington High School

Wanda Sullivan Mysterious Mission Harwood Union High School

Theo Novotny An Explosion of Color Burlington High School

Kyrsten Paroline Journey Randolph Union High School

Alex Wick Creating the Scene Burlington High School

Kai Williams Mono No Aware Vergennes Union High School

Jaron Rochon Notturno in Mi Maggiore per Archi, Fiati e Pianoforte Mill River Union High School

Katharina Mueller Dancing the Thin Gray Line Hartford High School

Alex Beshay Spicy Groove Green Mountain Union High School

Ethan Duncan Drive Champlain Valley Union High School


Opus 34 Rehearsal Schedule and more important information


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