Katie Semro

Katie Semro

Katie Semro is a performer, music maker, and educator. 

In October 2023, she released an experimental electronic EP, Gone, which uses music, spoken word, and field recordings to capture the many emotions that swirl around our intangible losses. 

Her audio art performance Ebb & Flow, which uses story, sound, music, movement, and audience participation to intertwine the perpetual flow of the natural world with the currents of human emotion, was performed at Nova Arts in Keene, NH in June of 2023. Later that summer, she won third prize in the 60 Second Radio competition with her piece “Gone: Our Intangible Losses.”

Semro created motion-triggered audioscapes that accompanied the exhibit What We Make of This World at the Fountain Street Gallery in Boston in April 2023. Her audio art installation Trust me, I’m a Doctor was exhibited at Sound Scene Fest 2022 at the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C. 

She has produced, edited, sound designed, and scored several audio documentaries. The longest of these was her 75 part Mother Mine series, which was a collection of sound-rich audio snapshots about our mothers and how they’ve shaped us, told by people from 30 countries. Prior to that, she created 33 episodes of the documentary podcast Transmission Times that recorded ordinary life during the first year of the pandemic through the voices of people from around the world. Her work has appeared on 39 radio stations across the country.

She loves creating and performing with Ableton Live. She is a composer mentor for Music-COMP, and she runs an online group called Women with Live to create positive experiences for women with music technology. 

She also makes music for podcasts and video and teaches people how to use Ableton Live. Semro lives in Sharon, NH with her husband and two children.  


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