Graduate Courses and Workshops

Fall 2019 VMEA Conference Extend the Learning: From Conference to Implementation

1 Graduate Credits or 15 PD/Workshop Hours

Vermont Music Educators Association and Music-COMP 
October 4, 2019 VMEA conference 
Online Follow-Up Period October 8 – November 22, 2019

Participants will attend the Fall Professional Development Conference sponsored by the Vermont Music Educators Association on Friday, October 4, 2019 at Castleton University.  Course participants who sign up for one graduate credit must attend the full day of events and complete additional hours of online coursework to total 15 hours of active learning. Participation at the conference requires that course enrollees attend one workshop in each session slot, the keynote address and a 30-minute informational meeting about our course. All online coursework must be completed by Friday, November 22nd. This course is sponsored by Vermont Music Educators Association (VMEA) in collaboration with Music-COMP as part of its fall professional development conference for 2019. 

Learning Objectives – Participants will: 

  • Describe in detail one of the workshops sessions attended each day. 
  • Discuss personal reflections about music education inspired by the conference. 
  • Dialogue with other music educators on the topics generated by the conference sessions. 
  • Plan for implementation of one idea – theme, process, technique or tool – from sessions at the conference for use in his or her own music education classes.




Conversational Solfege: Teaching Musical Literacy with Betsy Greene

 3 Graduate Credits of 45 Professional Development Hours

Location:  Champlain Elementary School
Meeting times:  
Saturday's, 8-4 pm       October 19; October 26; November 9          
Tuesday's (online), 6-8 pm        October 22; October 29; November 12; November 19; December 3; December 10

3 Graduate Credits or 45 hours of PD/Workshop Credit
3 Graduate Credits  - $1375
Workshop credit only - $950

Course Description: 

Conversational Solfege (CS) is a pedagogical method used to develop music literacy and was created by leading music educator Dr. John Feierabend of the Hartt School of Music.  Based on the same premise used to teach conversational foreign languages (one should learn with his/her ears before learning with his/her eyes), CS first develops an understanding of music through the use of rhythm and solfege syllables at a conversational level, then gradually evolves into traditional notation.  Teachers will learn how to carefully sequence activities to enable students to joyfully assimilate the skills and content to be musically literate, as well as learn various techniques to allow acquisition of music reading and writing, dictation, improvisation, and composition in an intuitive manner.  CS also will address lesson planning, unit planning, and assessment.   This class is applicable to all music educators.  Both CS Level I and Level II will be covered.


  • To understand the philosophy, history, and learning sequence presented in Conversational Solfegetm.
  • To understand when and how to teach music literacy using Conversational Solfegetm.
  • To develop teaching skills necessary to present lessons with appropriate materials and music activities using the method of Conversational Solfegetm.


Conversational Solfege Tune-Up:  Level 1 and 2  

Course Description:
Designed for those who have previously taken Conversational Solfege:  Levels 1 & 2 (FAME certified), participants will have an opportunity to tune-up their practice and implementation of CS through an active review of the 12 Steps, literacy units, and techniques (games) used to fuel the learning. Additionally, teachers will learn more ways to deepen their pedagogy or enhance student learning through special considerations (such as unit and lesson planning or how to integrate CS with Orff Schulwerk) as well as opportunities to share with each other their experience as a CS teacher.

Location:  Champlain Elementary School, 800 Pine Street, Burlington, Vermont 05401

Meeting times:
Saturday 8 - 4 pm         March 14, 2020     Snow day March 21, 2020
Thursday's 6 -7 pm       March 26; April 2; April 16; April 23

Credit Hours:  1.5 credit 

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MORE First Steps in Music with Orff Schulwerk: Sing, Say, Dance, Play

Betsy Greene, Instructor
2 Graduate Credits or 2 PD/workshop Credits

Learn classroom-ready activities which follow the eight part workout from First Steps in Music and integrate the Orff approach while gaining a better understanding of how to integrate these two approaches in a one full day of class. Continue on through online meetings to learn how to lesson plan using First Steps in Music with Orff Schulwerk and to develop your own integrated activities to use in your teaching.

Meeting times:
•    Saturday  8 – 4:30 pm  January 11, 2020    Snow day January 25, 2020
Champlain Elementary School
800 Pine Street
Burlington, VT 05041

•    Tuesday’s 6 – 7 PM; 8 one hour evening online class meetings through ZOOM or comparable online meeting forum:   January 28; February 4; February 11; February 18;  March 10; March 17; March 24; March 31

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