The Art of Counterpoint

Welcome to the Art of Counterpoint!
A FREE course offered by Music-COMP mentor Travis Ramsey

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing as well as you can during the pandemic.  I'm offering a FREE online course in Counterpoint through Music-COMP, open to all participants.  This includes student composers and brave/interested adults!  The course is generally recommended for students in grades 4 and up.  It is helpful if participants can read notes on the treble clef.  Knowing the bass clef could be helpful down the road.  You don't need to know anything else!  Here is are some videos to get you started!  You may email me at tramseycomposer(at) to enroll.  (All course material is free to everyone on this site.  Enrolled participants can expect feedback on their work and can ask questions along the way.  It's free, but limited so sign up soon!)


This first video defines Counterpoint and gives some ideas about why we might want to learn it.  There are no assignments to be completed with it.


Lesson 1 - Sixths
This video, Lesson 1, introduces you to the intervals of the 6th and the octave, how a cantus firmus melody works, and how to write your first counterpoint exercise.  The links just below are printable pages.  One is a review page of note names and intervals; the other page contains the exercises.  If you've enrolled in the course, please complete these at your own pace and send them in!

Lesson 1 Review

Lesson 1 Exercises

We're working on a better way to share this material with you, so stay tuned.  For now, feel free to explore the videos and materials here and submit projects either through Noteflight links or scanned pages you've completed with paper and pencil.  Good luck!


Lesson 2 - Thirds

Today’s video is sort of the upside-down version of Lesson 2.  All our work today will be on what happens when we are writing a melody lower than the CF.  Our intervals are the third and the unison, which are sort of like opposites to sixths and octaves.  The links just below are printable pages.  One is a review page of note names and our new intervals; the other page contains the exercises.  Please complete these at your own pace and send them in!  I hope to post the next video very soon!

Lesson 2 Review

Lesson 2 Exercises


Lesson 3 - Endings in Two Voices


Today we’ll learn how to end our little counterpoint creations.  There’s a special way to do it, and it involves knowing about parallel and contrary motion.

Lesson 3 Review

Lesson 3 Exercises


Coming Soon...

Lesson 4 - Using thirds and sixths together

Lesson 5 - Beginnings

Lesson 6 - Ionian and Lydian


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