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Welcome to Music-COMP, Music Composition Online Mentoring Program (formerly the Vermont MIDI Projct). Our mission is to serve students in composition through online mentoring with professional composers and live performances of student work. We provide teachers with professional development  through workshops, courses and online training. Music-COMP also develops and shares resources in composition.

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Welcome to the NEW mentoring site!

Opus 32 is in progress. Ifyou're posting a new work, select your own grade level group. Independent Projects are welcome by all ages too.

DID YOU SET YOUR NOTEFLIGHT SCORE TO BE SHARED? If you're using Noteflight and haven't, mentors will be unable to view your work. Here's how to check:

1. Open your Noteflight Score.

2. Click on the Connect icon.

3. Change Sharing to "All site members" may view this score.

4. SAVE.

5. Post a comment that you've fixed the Sharing.