Past Opus Events

concert rehearsal image


The Opus events began in April 2000 when a string quartet from the National Symphony Orchestra was engaged to perform selected student compositions. As part of their week-long residency program in Vermont that spring, Music-COMP was selected from among a number of proposals to involve the orchestra with the Vermont communities. The electricity and excitement from that event where students heard their music with living, breathing instruments instead of from a computer convinced all in attendance that live performance was the next direction for the project.

Since that April concert, semi-yearly events have taken place: once in the fall/winter with featured instruments of brass, percussion, piano, and voice; once in the spring with featured instruments from a string quartet or quintet and woodwind quartet or quintet. You can hear works from Opus 15, held on November, 2007 up to the most recent Opus concert here.

For examples of student work from OPUS 23-27 

For examples of student work prior to Opus 23