Outstanding Opus 28

A large audience enjoyed the Opus 28 concert on April 30, 2014 at the Ludlow Town Hall Auditorium. Individual students rehearsed their work with the musicians in the afternoon. Throughout the day, students, teachers, and parents attended workshop sessions, discussion groups and observed rehearsals. Audience comments from the day highlighted the amazing compositions by students, outstanding performance and professionalism of the musicians, and the great venue for this event. Click here for larger photo of the participants.

Audio recordings coming shortly. Order form for the full concert DVD here.

Special thanks to our Ludlow area sponsors:

American Legion Post 39,  Ludlow

Mount Holly Community Association

Ludlow Elementary PTG

And The Community Guild of Mount Holly

CommunityGuildMountHolly 400w

Thanks to the huge group of people who contributed to the success of the event:
Ludlow - Host Town for their facility and hospitality and Pam Cruickshank
Connie Wilcox, music teacher at Ludlow and Mt. Holly and local organizer
Ralph Pace, Friends of Ludlow Auditorium for technical and Town Hall organization and details above and beyond
Carol Hastings and crew from the Ludlow Church of the Annunciation for a tasty lasagna dinner and workshop space
Sheree Geimer and helpers for afternoon refreshments
Musicians, Letitia Quante, Laura Markowitz, Liz Reid, Michael Close, Evan Premo and members of the Vermont Contemporary Ensemble, Berta Frank, Katie Oprea, Steven Klimowski and Julian Partridge
Erik Nielsen and Andy Gagnon, composer mentors for keeping rehearsals running on time and assisting with rehearsal conversations
Becky Wood for registration/check-in and numerous other tasks
Saigelyn Green and Johna Saltsman for announcing the program
Meredith Beals and Fred Petzoldt as stage crew
Leslie Bixby for photography
Jeff Wick for transportation for musicians between the Town Hall and Church for workshops and dinner
Jeff Perrin for recording the audio of the concert
Maggie Triggs from LCATV and local tv crew for video taping rehearsals, interviews and the concert
John and Didi Sheet for transportation and help with little details
Erik Nielsen for conducting several works
Andy Gagnon for leading the lively student discussion about Music-COMP
Patti Riley for notetaking at student discussion
And … so many others who stepped up to help throughout the day.

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For a list of the works, click here.

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