Verbis Defectis Musica Incipit

Emily Ballou

Grade 10, South Royalton School, VT

"My piece is entitled Verbis Defectis Musica Incipit, which is Latin for Where Words Fail, Music Speaks.  It is inspired by times when one is in school drumming on a desk in class, humming a song down the hallway, and tapping their foot to the tune inside their head. What is heard when one has a personal “jam-out session” are not the words that are sung, but the music that is played. It’s the beat of the drum, the notes of a melody. That is why this is written for piano with percussion accompaniment, with no lyrics.This is my first, and certainly not my last, time writing for Opus. Composing this piece has truly been an amazing learning experience. I would like to thank my teacher Mrs. Duffy for getting me into composing and Opus, my fellow classmates, and my wonderful mentor Zach Sheets for helping me with this composition and broadening my musical abilities thus far. I hope you like it!”Emily

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Tags: live performance, student composer, opus 29