Recording List for Opus 29

The audio recording of each student composition along with a description of the work in the student's own words are listed in program order below. Follow the links below to listen and/or download these recordings. Please credit the student composer and Music-COMP if you share this work.

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Thanks to Jeff Perrin, audio engineer for Opus 29 and all previous Opus events.


  1. Arab March by Ethan Duncan
  2. Aria and Fanfare by Arijeet Sensharma
  3. Sibling Rivalry by Anna Scoppettone
  4. Morning Melody by Amelia Opsahl and Wells Mundell-Wood
  5. Verbis Defectis Musican Incipit by Emily Ballou
  6. Party at 10 P. M. by Annika Heintz
  7. Solitude by Ross Getek
  8. Wedding Toast by Lily Fournier
  9. A Bright Day by Gracie Bangoura
  10. Persistence by Wayne Alexander
  11. Apollo's Medley by Susie Francy
  12. Nola (Inspired by Charles Mingus' Nostaligia in Times Square) by Leslie Bixby
  13. Et Cetera by Brendan Magill
  14. O Ship That Travellest by Saigelyn Green
  15. Angel's Breath by Daelan Roosa
  16. The Dancer: Part II by Patricia Bristow-Johnson
  17. Song of the Birds by Andrew Kim
  18. Mizu by Gabe Harter
  19. El Jazz De Hoy by Alex Wick
  20. Lights by Ray Aley
  21. Trumpet Tune by Daniel Wick
  22. Brass Quintet in C Major by Anna Halladay
  23. Limitless by Malayna Johnson


Gabe Harter

Grade 11, Independent Study Student attending U32 High School, Montpelier, VT