Recording List for Opus 28

The audio recording of each student composition along with a description of the work in the student's own words are listed in program order below. Follow the links below to listen and/or download these recordings. Full a full concert DVD or Blu-ray disc, order here.


  1. Sinking Ship by Alex Wick
  2. Petite Opus by Noah Saberhagen
  3. The Four Seasons by Amelia Opsahl & Wells Mundell-Wood
  4. Clarinet Funk by Erik Heitsmith
  5. Snowy Blues by Abby Crowley
  6. Festive Dance by Emily Lurvwy
  7. Shades of Purple by Erin Magill
  8. Duette for Flute and Violin by Isa Kaplan
  9. Wild Flowers by Emilie Boulette
  10. Scottish Sailor Song by Ethan Duncan
  11. Overture to Mud Season by Daelan Roosa
  12. The Overshadow by Saigelyn Green
  13. A perilous Journey by Kael Kysar
  14. Resonance by Wayne Alexander
  15. String Quintet by Rachel Schwartz
  16. Night of the Sanziene by Johna Saltsman
  17. The Misty City of Brigadoon
  18. Midnight Ride by Colin Desch
  19. Ta-Da! by Rosie Saccardor
  20. The Bass Place by Grendan Magill
  21. Schizophrenic Daydream by Fred Petzoldt
  22. Frolic and Despair by Ian Morvan
  23. Clarinet Quintet by Annie Beliveau
  24. The Year Gone By by Jessica Beliveau
  25. Time Immemorial by Nathan Watts